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Accessories Costumes CLEARANCE Deluxe Mascots
1. Pink Ladies Jackets (grease)

2. Poison Ivy Costume (batman)

3. Saloon Girl Costume - Plus Size

4. T-Bird Sweetie Costume - Pink Ladies

5. Prom Nightmare

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Saloon Girl Costume - Plus Size

Saloon Girl Costume - Plus Size
Love the old west? Saloon Girl, GORGEOUS and flattering design, you'll be pleased with the quality of the material in this costume. Wide belt ties in back for a great fit, this has a built-in crinoline. Add fishnets and a garter with a gun, this is a great couples costume with a Desperado or Maverick-style cowboy. Choker not included Size: Plus Size: (Fits 18-22).


SKU 64-61831
Price: $45.99



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